Directories List


This endpoint provides the ability to get a list of specific Directories for a particular Organization.


Retrieves a partial list of Directories for an Organization.


Requests will be a JWE encrypted JSON payload with the following attribute:

directory_ids (string[]):An array of Directory Identifiers of the Directories to retrieve.


{"directory_ids": ["ce5ab88c-e79e-4049-bb36-4f8709122648", "b11869ab-ceb3-417e-a5ba-ca403e678f12"]}


Responses will be a JWE encrypted JSON payload consisting of an array of Directories with the following attributes:

id (string):The globally unique identifier for the Directory.
name (string):The name of the Directory.
active (boolean):A boolean value that answers: “Is the Directory key active?”
premium (boolean):Unused at this time
service_ids (string[]):An array of Service IDs for the Directory.
sdk_keys (string[]):An array of Authenticator SDK Keys for the Directory. Authenticator SDK Keys are utilized by Mobile Authenticators when linking User Devices to a Directory.
android_key (string):The Key used for communicating with Android based push notification services on behalf of this Directory.
ios_certificate_fingerprint (string):The fingerprint of the Certificate for communicating with iOS based push notification services on behalf of the Directory.
denial_context_inquiry_enabled (boolean):A boolean value that indicates if the authorization denial context feature is enabled.

Example of result when Directories with the provided IDs are found:

        "id": "ce5ab88c-e79e-4049-bb36-4f8709122648",
        "name": "Directory One",
        "active": true,
        "premium": true,
        "service_ids": ["ea6c2394-819c-4f09-9110-3a28a2f92699", "09d974c1-d0ef-4de4-b34d-abec8a113a7d"],
        "sdk_keys": ["4abce20a-3cf8-40a5-bff2-418d6945c404"],
        "android_key": "2349872039AE0923DF4",
        "ios_certificate_fingerprint": "ca:86:58:c6:f9:f5:b1:88:7b:dd:da:cc:74:e5:63:ed:78:b1:38:23:7d:6c:48:f9:71:9b:63:1b:ba:60:1d:97",
        "denial_context_inquiry_enabled": true
        "id": "b11869ab-ceb3-417e-a5ba-ca403e678f12",
        "name": "Directory 2",
        "active": false,
        "premium": true,
        "service_ids": [],
        "sdk_keys": [],
        "android_key": null,
        "ios_certificate_fingerprint": null,
        "denial_context_inquiry_enabled": null

Example of no Directories found with the IDs supplied:



403 Forbidden:If the Directory ID supplied belongs to another Organization than the one identified by the provided credentials, a 403 Forbidden error will be returned.

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