Organization Service Public Keys List


Provides the ability to get a list of all Public Keys for a particular Organization Service.


Retrieve a list of Public Keys for an Organization Service


Requests will be a JWE encrypted JSON payload with the following attribute:

service_id (string):Identifier of the Organization Service for which you wish to retrieve the Public Keys


{"service_id": "ce5ab88c-e79e-4049-bb36-4f8709122648"}


Responses will be a JWE encrypted JSON payload consisting of an array of Public Key entities with the following attributes:

id (string):MD5 fingerprint of the public key
public_key (string):The public key itself
date_created (string):ISO-8601 formatted date signifying the time at which the public key was added to the Organization Service
date_expires (string):ISO-8601 formatted date signifying the time at which the public key expires and is no longer active
active (boolean):Is the current public key active.

Example of result when the Organization Service has Public Keys:

        "id": "e2:f4:14:25:24:45:66:a2:c1:6f:d6:0c:c9:00:09:66",
        "public_key", "-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----",
        "date_created": "2010-01-01T00:00:00Z",
        "date_expires": "2020-01-01T00:00:00Z",
        "active": true
        "id": "24:25:f2:b8:ff:df:f7:91:f4:13:68:c8:c9:3c:3a:00",
        "public_key", "-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----",
        "date_created": "2010-01-01T00:00:00Z",
        "date_expires": null,
        "active": false

Example of result when the Organization Service has no Public Keys:



If the Organization Service ID supplied belongs to an Organization other than the one identified by the provided credentials, a 403 Forbidden error will be returned.

If a Organization Service ID supplied does not exist, you will receive a 400 Invalid Request response with the error code DIR-004.

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