TruValidate Multifactor Authentication Authenticator SDK


TruValidate Multifactor Authentication(MFA) authenticator SDK brings the security and capabilities of the MFA multi-factor authentication and real-time authorization platform to your own Mobile App through a simple mobile SDK. Instead of your users using the MFA Mobile Authenticator to authenticate and authorize an Auth Request sent from your service, MFA authenticator places a hidden Auth Modal that slides into view above your Mobile App as needed, and provides your Users with the same functionality found in the MFA Mobile Authenticator. Additionally, some of methods within the Authenticator SDK are exposed to your Mobile App so that you can perform these functions directly within your Mobile App instead of the Auth Modal.

Integration Components

To use the TruValidate Multifactor Authentication authenticator, you will be working with three primary TruValidate Multifactor Authentication components:

  1. Authenticator SDK - The Authenticator SDK gives your Mobile App developers a simple and quick way to turn your iOS or Android mobile app into a TruValidate Multifactor Authentication powered authenticator. This drop-in SDK embeds a customizable TruValidate Multifactor Authentication modal that lives within your Mobile App and gives your users the ability to authenticate and respond to the Auth Requests from your service.
    • The Authenticator SDK is split between two libraries, the Core Auth SDK and the Auth SDK. The Core Auth SDK is a barebones SDK that includes everything needed to utilize and connect with our services. Developers are responsible for their own UI elements. The Auth SDK uses the Core Auth SDK with UI elements that allow developers to use premade views for a simpler and quicker setup.
  2. TruValidate Multifactor Authentication Admin Center - This is your command and control center for your developers and administrators to create and manage services, manage organizations, set security policies, provision users, view analytics and logs, and more. Follow this link to the Admin Center.
  3. TruValidate Multifactor Authentication Platform API - In order to send and process the Auth requests that your services sends your users, it must interface with the Platform API. Among other things, our API routes your service’s encrypted Auth Requests and your User’s encrypted responses between your services and their mobile devices. To make things easier, we have SDKs available in every major programming language.

Integration Steps (4.X and below)

  1. For version 3.x or higher of the Authenticator SDK for Android, go straight to Integrating TruValidate Multifactor Authentication with Android
  2. For version 3.x or higher of the Authenticator SDK for iOS, go straight to Integrating TruValidate Multifactor Authentication with iOS

User Contributed

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