Logout Callback

The logout server side event callback is triggered when a user performs a Clear on a single service or Clear All on their Mobile Authenticator.

Query String Parameters


JSON string with following parameters:


The date and time the logout was performed. This value is passed for two distinct reasons:

  • Ensuring that the service is informed of when the logout callback was made so that it may ensure the user has not started a new session since logging out and ending their service session.
  • Enabling your service to protect itself from replay and denial of service attacks by verifying the request was recent based on the value of this parameter.

string Hashed user identifier that will match the same value returned by a Poll request in which the user had responded or an Authentication Response Event.


Base64 encoded RSA signature of the clear query string parameter.


POST https://my.example.com/callback?clear=%7B%22api_time%22%3A+%222015-04-24T22%3A49%3A19Z%22%2C+%22user_hash%22%3A+%22FjnZrwQKfnUVlXaOu2KRuzTI3E9ZrVvgfsp57bzrGVH%22%7D&signature=pg5K8kXL1gYvaWB2S9P3p2QNQIMtCPf%2FoPViDN1tWbU096w7WsOh7CAXOfEC2sca0tr5PvikEZLoCnjL3%2BTlk1FG1mX1AKPtblir1Nlg5ttdfRbd2XkEBs6%2BDf4tpfWnkjApjDWUJwHvRYOg1JhjypCvy2YeMpIr9r6jv4UpuZ%2Ff%2FgDXEo3%2FjioUvoiWhvcBRRAHaI%2FUMD5JwhgUBgpfQat5wDw2REj4DrPTyrst65j2%2FQjjPH5xz9sHa4wFpOP5enVYQZMJSKeLCXqkOBtiNWukyyf6YNIj04bN36zGZaK%2BtfjB5TMD4i%2FxC1sJyO0P4BlznGHfDSHoKbVniV4vEQ%3D%3D HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Accept: */*
Connection: close
Content-Length: 0

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