LaunchKey Flask

LaunchKey-Flask on GitHub.

For using LaunchKey authentication with the Flask Microframework.


LaunchKey-Flask uses Flask-Login for user session management together with LaunchKey's Python SDK to provide authentication for Flask applications.


$ easy_install launchkey-flask


$ pip install launchkey-flask


Initial Configuration

from flask.ext.launchkey import LaunchKeyManager, login_required

app = Flask(__name__)
# Note that you must configure a Flask secret key for secure sessions
app.config['SECRET_KEY'] = "thisismyextasecretkey"
# LaunchKey Configuration keys
app.config['LAUNCHKEY_APP_KEY'] = 1234567890
app.config['LAUNCHKEY_SECRET_KEY'] = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123456"
app.config['LAUNCHKEY_PRIVATE_KEY_PATH'] = "/path/to/private_key.key"

# LaunchKey Config
launchkey = LaunchKeyManager(app)
# Redirect view for private pages
launchkey.login_view = "/login"

Login Required Views

def user_page():
    return render_template('user.html')

You simply need to use the login_required decorator in front of any private pages.

Using LaunchKey Authentication

A series of callback URLs are required for the different authentication steps.

Initial authorize step to initiate the process.

@app.route('/_authorize', methods=['POST'])
def auth_user():
    # Retrieve form input
    username = request.form['username']
    # Generate an auth request
    auth_response = launchkey.authorize(username)
    # Return results
    return jsonify({'response': auth_response})

Polling to see if the user has responded to an auth request.

@app.route('/_poll', methods=['GET'])
def response_poll():
    # Check for a user response to auth request
    poll_response = launchkey.poll_request()
    # Return results
    return jsonify({'response': poll_response })

Once the user has launched, verify that they are authorized. Then log them in.

@app.route('/_isauthorized', methods=['GET'])
def is_authorized():
    # Check if the user is authorized
    is_authorized = launchkey.is_authorized()
    if is_authorized:
        # User has been authorized, so log them in
    # Return results
    return jsonify({'response': is_authorized })

Logging the user out. This will end the LaunchKey session as well as the Flask-Login session.

@app.route('/_deauth', methods=['GET'])
def deauth_user():
    # Logout user from both LaunchKey as well as Flask-Login
    success = launchkey.logout()
    return jsonify({'response': success})


$ python test

User Contributed

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