General FAQ

What is LaunchKey?

LaunchKey is a platform that enables user authentication without passwords using physical authentication over linked iOS or Android devices.

I lost my device, what do I do?

If that was your only linked device, you may remotely unlink it with the Unlink Form. If you have another linked device, either sign in and view the Settings section inside the online dashboard or view the Devices section inside the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator, and then click or tap the unlink button next to the appropriate device name. Follow the instructions to complete the unlink process. After you recover your device or obtain a new one, you may relink your account.

Who is LaunchKey for?

Anyone seeking to ditch passwords in exchange for an increased level of security, control, and privacy.

How do I register for LaunchKey?

To register a new user with LaunchKey, simply download the LaunchKey mobile service and follow the on-screen instructions.

How can I try out LaunchKey?

We have two demo sites available for you to try LaunchKey. They each have links to the appropriate mobile apps used to try out LaunchKey:

Where can I use LaunchKey?

The LaunchKey mobile app can be used with any website or service that has integrated the Platform API. Generally, you'll know you can use LaunchKey to authenticate anywhere you see a LaunchKey Connect button, Login with LaunchKey link, or something similar.​

What is user authentication?

User authentication is the process by which websites, apps, and other systems verify the identity of an end user, most commonly used to give that user access to something otherwise restricted.

How is LaunchKey better than other alternatives?

LaunchKey is unique in that it moves the layer of authentication from the virtual world, like a sign-in form on a website, to the physical world on your smart device. Not only does this make LaunchKey more secure and reliable as an authentication method, but this affords LaunchKey new capabilities not available in traditional systems like the ability to manage all active sessions in one place, remotely authenticate or end active sessions, and restrict authentication to specific geographic zones. Additionally, LaunchKey employs advanced fraud detection systems that not only can prevent fraud as it happens, but will notify you as well.

Is LaunchKey an identity management service?

While some identity management companies provide user authentication as a service, LaunchKey is not an identity management service. We believe privacy is paramount to cybersecurity and user authentication. Unlike identity management services, we'll never ask you for personally identifiable information like your name, address, or credit card numbers, and the email address or phone number you provide during the link process isn't readable in our system.

How do I begin using LaunchKey?

To use LaunchKey, download the free mobile application on your iOS or Android device and follow the on-screen instructions. If you're new to LaunchKey, create a new LaunchKey user, otherwise you may link an existing LaunchKey username to your device. Once linked, you can authenticate yourself on websites, applications and other connected systems where LaunchKey has been integrated.

What do I need to use LaunchKey?

An iOS or Android device is all you need to download and use the free LaunchKey app.

How do I sign up for a developer account?

You must have an active LaunchKey account to sign up as a developer. After you've successfully created a LaunchKey account and have linked a device, you may register a developer account from within your online account dashboard.

What can I do if I forgot my username?

One of the security measures in LaunchKey is that you cannot obtain the username linked with a device from the device. To continue using LaunchKey, you will need to unlink your device(s) and create a new account.

User Contributed

LaunchKey links to user contributed code as a resource to its community. LaunchKey does not in any way guarantee or warrant the quality and security of these code bases. User contributed code is supported by the creators. If you do find a link from the site to user contributed code that is malicious or inappropriate in any way, please report that link to LaunchKey immediately and we will investigate the claim. Submit any issue to LaunchKey support at ×