Mobile App FAQ

I tried linking my device. Why have I not received the SMS message yet?

If you are outside the United States or Canada, SMS linking is not supported at this time. Start the linking process over with just an email and you should be able to link without issue. If you are inside the United States and Canada, try restarting the linking process.

How do I end an active session or sign out?

Ending an active session within the Authorization List, or what we call clearing, is done by sliding your finger from left to right over the active session you'd like to end and pressing the "X". The session will be removed from your Authorization List following a successful clear. If clearing isn't available, you may only be able to end the active session from the service or website itself.

I forgot my Circle Code or PIN Code, what do I do?

If you activated the Circle Code or PIN Code factor and you cannot authenticate through the app, you will need to uninstall the service from the device, reinstall the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator, and relink the device to your existing LaunchKey username in order to set the factors that are disabled by default on new installs.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing allows you to specify one or more geographical zones your device must be physically located within in order to authenticate an auth request.

For example, if you bring a smartphone to work, you may want to add a geofence around your office for added security. Doing so would prevent your smartphone from authenticating outside of your office. If you use the device at home, you can also add a separate geofence around your home or neighborhood. A geofence can be large or small and you can have as many as you want for each device you've linked with LaunchKey.

A geofence isn't effective if it's removed by someone who has found or stolen a device they don't own. As such, we highly recommend that a user has either the Circle Code or PIN Code enabled to use along geofencing.

There is a one hour time delay when enabling or disabling geofencing as well as adding or deleting individual a geofence. This is done to increase security and efficacy of the extran authentication factors. Should someone know or guess the Circle Code or PIN Code on a device, this 1-hour delay will provide a window of opportunity for the owner of the device to remotely unlink it.

What is the Circle Code?

The Circle Code, like the PIN Code, is an optional knowledge-based authentication factor that we created to offer a better and more secure alternative to the classic PIN Code.

PIN numbers can often be guessed due to people's inclination to use number patterns that have personal significance (e.g. birth date, social security number, phone number). Your fingertips can also leave marks on the screen that could give away your PIN even without knowing anything about you. The Circle Code addresses both of these issues by removing numbers, and relying instead on the user to choose a unique pattern of clockwise and counterclockwise turns, and the circular path you trace your combination along helps obfuscate the oils left on the screen.

What devices are supported by LaunchKey?

The LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator is available on the following:

  • iOS 6.1.6+, 7.0.6+ (iPhone, iPad)
  • Android 2.3+

Download LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator for free from these stores:

What do I need to use the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator?

To use the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator, you'll need an iOS (6.1.6+, 7.0.6+) or Android (2.3+) device with data or wi-fi access and a valid email address.

LaunchKey is coming to more devices in the near future!

Where can I use the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator?

The LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator app can be used with any website or service that has integrated the LaunchKey Platform. Generally, you'll know you can use LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator to authenticate anywhere you see a LaunchKey Connect button, Login with LaunchKey link, or something similar.

User Contributed

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