WordPress Plugin FAQ

Where is the "Login with LaunchKey" button?

If you upgraded from a Plugin version before 1.0 and updated your settings for standard MFA, you will no longer have the button. You simply login via the Login form.

What happens if I cannot access my app and need to access my website in an emergency?

If you have not removed your password, you can click the "Show Password" link. If you have removed your password, you can follow the password reset flow for WordPress to create a new login password for your account.

User Contributed

LaunchKey links to user contributed code as a resource to its community. LaunchKey does not in any way guarantee or warrant the quality and security of these code bases. User contributed code is supported by the creators. If you do find a link from the site to user contributed code that is malicious or inappropriate in any way, please report that link to LaunchKey immediately and we will investigate the claim. Submit any issue to LaunchKey support at https://launchkey.com./support. ×