Validate An Access Token

Access code have an expire date, but they can also be deleted prematurely if your service revokes it or by user action. If you'd like your service to check whether an access code is still valid you can send it to us for verification. You may want to do this in order to see if you need to obtain a new one for a user or possibly to check if the user has invalidated the access code. We conform to the standard OAuth method for accessing resources. The resource in this instance is "ping".



Example Request for access_token value of "K67PfD34ygbbaHw2NBmo3prM6USimn5Z01PXxBLOQrXoThScA6G7mS6Zw4sq3PJN":

Authorization: Bearer K67PfD34ygbbaHw2NBmo3prM6USimn5Z01PXxBLOQrXoThScA6G7mS6Zw4sq3PJN


The response will is status code based with a descriptive message attribute on a JSON object.


A status code of 200 and message value of "valid" is received if the access_token is valid and authorized. Example:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
{"message": "valid"}


A status code of 401 and message value of "access_denied" is received if the access_token is not valid or not authorized. Example:

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
{"message": "access_denied"}

User Contributed

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