Log Out User

To end a users session so that the user is required to reauthorize when logging back in, the access token their session was assigned must be invalidated. This can be accomplished by passing that access token back to the /logout endpoint.


End Point


Require Parameters

access_token:Access token for user's session that you want to invalidate

Optional Parameters

close:If true, page will try to close after logout is complete (meant for a logout popup window); default is false
redirect:URL of page user is redirected to after logout; must be at your domain


GET https://oauth.launchkey.com/logout?access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN&redirect=true HTTP/1.1
host: oauth.launchkey.com


The response will be an 302 status code with a location header for the redirect.


HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Location: https://launchkey.com/

User Contributed

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