OpenID + LaunchKey

Use LaunchKey to log in anywhere OpenID is accepted.

What Is OpenID?

OpenID is an open standard to a decentralized and open source digital system of authentication. On supporting websites, you can sign in using your OpenID provider. You can use LaunchKey as your single OpenID provider and use it on any website where OpenID has been enabled.

Where Can I Use It?

Look for the OpenID logo (pictured above) when logging in to a website. Even if a website supports OpenID but doesn't directly support LaunchKey, you can still use LaunchKey to sign in through OpenID. Some sites that support OpenID include: StackExchange, Sourceforge, Disqus and Diigo.

How Do I Use It?

To log in with OpenID and LaunchKey:

  1. Navigate to the OpenID login form and input openid.launchkey.com in the appropriate text field.
  2. Click the Sign In (or similar) button to be redirected to LaunchKey's OpenID provider page and then sign in with your LaunchKey username.
  3. After you authorize the auth request from LaunchKey OpenID, you'll be redirected back to the originating site authenticated.

How Do I Support OpenID On My Site?

To accept OpenID users on your site, please refer to the OpenID developer docs.

Find OpenID libraries here.

User Contributed

LaunchKey links to user contributed code as a resource to its community. LaunchKey does not in any way guarantee or warrant the quality and security of these code bases. User contributed code is supported by the creators. If you do find a link from the site to user contributed code that is malicious or inappropriate in any way, please report that link to LaunchKey immediately and we will investigate the claim. Submit any issue to LaunchKey support at https://launchkey.com./support. ×