We’re committed to providing the most secure product and service possible. We encourage you to send any questions or comments to


TruValidate Multifactor Authentication forces the use of secure HTTPS connections on all services. We use HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to ensure browsers only interact with us over HTTPS, and we’re on the HSTS preload list for Chrome and Firefox. Additionally, we employ strong ciphers with perfect forward secrecy (PFS) on all modern browsers with a Qualsys SSL “A” server rating.


TruValidate Multifactor Authentication uses RSA Keys and encrypts all sensitive data with AES-256. The only personally identifying information we collect – the email address and or mobile device number used to link your device with TruValidate Multifactor Authentication – is one-way cryptographically hashed, making the data inaccessible even to us. All data is stored in a Tier IV maximum security data center.

Veracode “VerAfied”

Our mobile apps have been analyzed by Veracode and have received the coveted VerAfied mark for software security. As noted by Veracode:

The VerAfied status offered by Veracode demonstrates that TransUnion is actively identifying and remediating service vulnerabilities to provide its customers with one of the highest levels of software assurance and security verification. This is a clear indicator to TransUnion’s customers that the company’s security have met or exceeded industry standards for security, reliability and compliance.

User Contributed

TransUnion links to user contributed code as a resource to its community. TransUnion does not in any way guarantee or warrant the quality and security of these code bases. User contributed code is supported by the creators. If you do find a link from the site to user contributed code that is malicious or inappropriate in any way, please report that link to TransUnion immediately and we will investigate the claim. Submit any issue to TransUnion support at ×