Biometric Fingerprint Scan


With the biometric fingerprint scan, you can use your unique fingerprints to authorize an Authorization Request. With Fingerprint Scan enabled, instead of authorizing an Authorization Request by sliding the button up, you'll use the fingerprint scanner built in to your mobile device to authorize.

Eligible Devices

Since accurately scanning your fingerprint requires specialized hardware on your phone or tablet, fingerprint scanning is only available on eligible mobile devices that both come with fingerprint scanners and extend the use of that scanner to mobile apps.


As of August 2014, the only eligible devices are the Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android) and Apple iOS8 devices with TouchID.

Setup Fingerprint Scan

Before you can begin using the biometric fingerprint scan, ensure you have the fingerprint scanning function of your device enabled and configured with your fingers. Next, enable the fingerprint auth factor in the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator control panel by tapping the switch next to Fingerprint Scan.

Once enabled, the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator will use your device's fingerprint scanner to authenticate your biometric fingerprint on any future Authorization Request until Fingerprint Scan is disabled.

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