Clear/Log Out

Clear refers to removing an item from your Authorization List. In the case of a Session, clearing will also attempt to remotely log you out of the service. In the case of transactions, clearing simply removes the item from your list.

Standard Clear/Log Out

Standard Clear

To clear a session (or remove an inactive transaction from Authorizations) slide the row from left-to-right until you see the loading graphic appear. If the clear succeeds, the row will be removed from your Authorizations list. If it fails, the row will slide back and the status indicator will change to red, at which point a forced clear would be required. (see next)

Forced Clear

Forced Clear

A forced logout is required to remove an item from the session when the status indicator is red due to a failed normal logout. Logout generally fails because the LaunchKey Platform can't determine whether your session was successfully ended by the client. You can force the removal of the item from the session by sliding the row from left-to-right and hold in place for three seconds (a count-down timer will appear).

User Contributed

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