Miscellaneous Features

This section covers other features and options found within the control panel of the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator.

Clear All

The Clear All feature within the control panel gives you the ability to quickly clear all items in your Authorization List with the "Clear All" switch.

Device List

The Devices section within your control panel lists all of the devices currently linked to your LaunchKey user account. From within this section, you can tap the Unlink button to initiate the remote unlink process for that device.



User Contributed

LaunchKey links to user contributed code as a resource to its community. LaunchKey does not in any way guarantee or warrant the quality and security of these code bases. User contributed code is supported by the creators. If you do find a link from the site to user contributed code that is malicious or inappropriate in any way, please report that link to LaunchKey immediately and we will investigate the claim. Submit any issue to LaunchKey support at https://launchkey.com./support. ×