OTP Authenticator

With built-in support for one-time passwords (OTP) in the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator, you can use the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator in place of other OTP apps like Google Authenticator. LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator can better protect your OTP codes by adding more factors of authentication, an upgrade from 2-factor. For those of you that dislike scrolling through a long list of OTP codes inside Google Authenticator, you'll like the ability to instantly search for an OTP code or reorder them in the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator.

Enable OTP Authenticator

OTP Authenticator is not enabled by default. To enable it, tap the control panel button and move the switch next to OTP Authenticator to the enabled position.

Enable OTP Authenticator in the control panel inside the |product_name| Mobile Authenticator

Configure New OTP

To add a new OTP code for an account that supports 2-step authentication (e.g. any web service that supports Google Authenticator), tap the add button and select whether you'd like to scan a QR code or enter your account details manually. Once scanned or entered successfully, you will see a new OTP entry on top of your existing list of OTPs.

Configure OTP for a new account

How to Use

After you've successfully configured OTP for an account you own, you can use the time-based OTP codes anytime that website or service requests 2-step verification.

The OTP codes will regenerate automatically every 30 seconds, and the timer bar located beneath the title bar displays the amount of time left within that 30 second window. Tap the rearrange button to change the order of your OTPs, and tap the search button once your list is long enough to instantly filter your list.


It's important to note that the OTP Authenticator inherits the authentication factors you enable for the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator. That means if you've enabled a geo-fence and you're outside that fence, LaunchKey Mobile will block you from viewing your OTPs. This provides an increased level of security through additional factors of authentication.

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