Authorization Requests

At the core of the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator is the ability to receive and respond to an Authorization Request which will show up at the top of your Authorization List.

Receiving Authorization Requests

The Platform API will push encrypted an Authorization Request to a user's device(s). If the push notification server is delayed, you can also manually check for an Authorization Request by refreshing your Authorization List.

Via Push Notification

An Authorization Request will quickly appear on your device through a push notification, typically in under 10 seconds. However, these notifications rely on services like the Apple Push Notification Service, which means the speed at which those notifications arrive on your device can change at any time based on the speed and availability of these services.

../../_images/droid-1-notification-incoming-request.png ../../_images/phone-slide.png

Via an Authorization List Refresh

If push notifications are coming in slowly or not coming in at all, you can always manually check for an Authorization Request by refreshing your Authorization List. To manually check for an Authorization Request, go to the top of your Authorization List and either pull down or press the refresh icon to refresh until you see the loading animation.


Responding to Authorization Requests

The LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator allows you to respond to an Authorization Request in one of two ways: either approve the request or deny it.

Approving a Request

If you initiated the Authorization Request and would like to approve the request, simply slide authorization slider upwards. If you have enable a finger print scan, you will not have be presented with a slider. Successfully verifying the finger print will be final step in approving the request.


Denying a Request

If you didn't initiate the Authorization Request or it was unintended, tap the cancel icon to deny the request.


User Contributed

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