Circle Code

Circle Code (formerly Combo/Combination lock) secures your authorizations with a unique knowledge factor that can be more secure than traditional PIN codes. Since people have a tendency to choose PINs that have meaning to them, they are often easily guessed with relatively little knowledge of the individual. Even with no knowledge, smudge marks on a user's screen can also reveal the PIN. LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator addresses these two issues with a Circle Code that is pattern-based instead of number-based, and a circular drag path that causes a user to cover their own smudge tracks as they enter the code.

Enable and set Circle Code

Follow these steps to enable and set a new Circle code.


If you have multiple devices and you want a circle code securing each device, you must enable and add that circle code on each device.

  1. Enable circle code in settings menu

    Navigate to the settings menu and tap Circle Code.

    Enable the circle code feature in the settings menu
  2. Enter new combination

    Enter a new combination by placing your finger on any hash mark then traverse clockwise and counterclockwise to different hash marks around the circular path to create as complex of a combination of moves as you're comfortable remembering. You will be asked to enter the combination twice.

    Enter new combination

Example combination

Below is an example combination of moves one could use. You may use as many moves as you're comfortable remembering.

Example combination for the circle code

User Contributed

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