Add a Bluetooth Proximity DeviceΒΆ

To add a device, ensure you have a Bluetooth device within range that you've confirmed is compatible with your mobile device and then follow these steps:


If you have multiple Bluetooth devices linked and you want a Bluetooth device factor applied to each device, you must add that Bluetooth device factor on each linked device.

  1. Tap 'add' button

    From within the Bluetooth Proximity control page, tap the plus symbol to add a new device.

  2. Select your device

    After you tap the add button, the LaunchKey Mobile Authenticator will search for compatible Bluetooth devices within range and list them on the screen. Select the device you would like to use as a Bluetooth Proximity device factor.

    Select the Bluetooth device within range
  3. Name your new Bluetooth Proximity Device factor

    Create a name for your new Bluetooth Proximity factor in the field provided and then tap the check mark (finish) button.


    Choose a name that doesn't describe the Bluetooth device you're using for your Bluetooth Proximity factor. e.g. use Device 01 instead of descriptive names like My Headphones or FitBit

  4. Activation pending 1-hour

    For security, your new Bluetooth Proximity factor will remain inactive for one (1) hour. You will see the time remaining until active across from the device's name in your Bluetooth Proximity device list. If you remove the device before it's activated, it will be removed immediately.

    Bluetooth Proximity factor will become active in one hour

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