Security Factors

When it comes to security, it's best practice not to rely on a single layer of protection, and authentication is no different. That's why LaunchKey supports and encourages the use of multi-factor authentication through a variety of optional in-app security factors that you can employ to better protect yourself. True multi-factor authentication (MFA) consists of employing all three possible factors of authentication: possession, inherence, and knowledge factors. LaunchKey supports all three factors through the following features.



With geofencing, you can ensure your device is located within one or more specific geographic zones in order to authorize an authentication request. Learn More


Fingerprint Scan

With the fingerprint scan, you can use the unique signature of your fingerprint to authenticate with LaunchKey. Learn More


Bluetooth Factor

A Bluetooth factor ensures one or more of your Bluetooth devices (e.g. a FitBit) are connected and within range to your device prior to authorizing a request. Learn More


Circle Code

Similar to the traditional rotary combination locks found on lockers, the numberless Circle code works similar to a PIN code, except a pattern of circular movements is memorized and compared for authentication. Learn More


PIN Code

The traditional PIN code uses a pattern of numbers memorized and compared later for authentication. Learn More

Verification Switch

When a factor is added, you can set when that factor must be checked by setting the switch to "Always" if the factor is to be checked in all authorization requests. Otherwise, “When required” will have it checked when the request requires that type of factor, or it’s needed to meet the minimum requirements to respond to it.

You can toggle the verification switch between “Always” and “When required” once you go into the Settings screen of a set up factor--here is where the Factor Check Protection comes in. When you flip the switch, it will take one (1) hour for the change to become effective, unless it’s a Circle Code, PIN Code or Fingerprint factor (if available) which are verified right away and the toggle happens immediately.

Factor Definitions

Possession Factor:Something an individual retains physical possession of
Inherence Factor:Something inherent to an individual (e.g. biometry, geo-location)
Knowledge Factor:Something an individual knows

User Contributed

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